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Your ultimate destination for smart shopping, blending everyday essentials with a unique antique collection of rare items. Dive into our wide array, featuring gems, antiques, collectibles, clothing, and refurbished furniture—a true embodiment of a smart shop. Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide, we take pride in our distinct offerings. Explore our finest collections, where quality is our unwavering commitment.

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We are established retailers and wholesalers, whether you consider us Collectors, Resellers, or retailers. Our pride lies in offering a diverse range of products, including new and old furniture, antique collections, decorations, and clothing. We have it all! Rest assured, we provide the best value and service.


When contemplating our website, we explored various options, experimenting with different e-commerce platforms. However, the hefty commission charges from other platforms felt like a disservice to our customers. Undeterred, we decided to create our own online presence. While not every aspect was initially in our plan, our commitment to providing value drove us to forge ahead.


Discover exquisite antiques, some dating back well over a couple of hundred years. Explore our rare antique collection on our profile, and feel free to message us with any questions you may have.


Indulge in our fresh looks and finest selections. Our new clothes are an absolute bargain, offering imported and branded varieties. Browse through our selections for unbeatable value.


Our collection of decorations and other items is sourced from the finest, always delivering great value. Some items are rare collectibles, so don't wait too long. Illuminate your home with Diya, statues, and much more.


Beyond being retailers, we are avid collectors as well. While it's a side job, our collection is both gorgeous and expensive. Statues, paintings, and more await those who appreciate the allure of antiques.


In the realm of furniture, we offer new, refurbished, and used pieces. We believe that good furniture deserves a second chance. We meticulously clean, fix, and rejuvenate each piece, making it as good as new. Not only do you receive an incredible deal on furniture in excellent condition, but you also contribute to sustainable living. Transform your space with our beautifully refurbished furniture, all while knowing you've saved a piece from being discarded.

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